Storytime 2022

Fundraiser for the Library

The library is part of the shop with scrip program.  What is that you ask?  It is a location to purchase gift cards to 750+ locations, and a percentage of the value will be donated to the library from the companies.


Here is a link to learn more about this easy to use program.  The raise right app makes this process even easier, it allows you to purchase e-gift cards, and manage and track what you have.

If you would like to join our campaign, let the library know (stop in, call, email)  we then will send you an e-mail invitation with a dedicated link and entry code.

Print from your own device and pick up at the library

To print from your own devices, and be able to pick them up at the library use this link:

Summer cookie fundraiser

Summer Reading Program Project Grab Bags

Grab bags

Noted & Quoted

"You see, I don't believe that libraries should be drab places where people sit in silence, and that's been the main reason for our policy of employing wild animals as librarians." --Monty Python