Farm Art D-Tour art exibit sponsored by the library.


Grow a good reader wild flower garden. 


Also on the pedestal is a community story to be written.  "Once upon a time in my garden..."

Come out and see the flowers, add to the story, or just read what has been written.

The garden is located in the center of North Freedom, on East Walnut Street.


Did you know you can use Flipster with your library card?  Check it out and see what magazines we have to offer you.


To start go to this website:


North Freedom Fest Run/Walk

There will be a 5k run/walk held in North Freedom on Saturday August 15.  This is in conjunction with the North Freedom Fest.  Part of the proceeds will benefit the library. 


See link for more information:

Library Greatness Nominations

South Central Library System is presenting awards for library greatness.


Super Awesome Library Award-- For the library that was overall awesome in 2015.  Maybe they handled a tough situation with grace.  Or took a new approach.  Or found a lot of money under a rock and did something really cool with it.  Or got a lot of local support and kudos because they play well with others.  Or are just plain super awesome every day.


Program Wizard Award-- For a super creative, innovative and fun library program created by library staff.  In the library or out.  For babies or seniors or anyone in between.  A one-off or a regular series.  If Dumbledore thinks it's worthy of Wizard status, nominate it!


Giddy Up Partner Award-- For those strong community partnerships that add value to the library and the community as a whole.  It takes two, baby! Or three... or four.  Nominate the library and its partner(s) and describe the amazing stuff they're doing together.


All nominations are due by October 26, 2015 by 5p.m.

Here is the link to the nomination page:


Noted & Quoted

A circulating library in a town is as an evergreen tree of diabolical knowledge! It blossoms through the year!
- Richard Brainsley Sheridan

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